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FND Loves Xtina - BIONIC album review

So I got my copy of BIONIC last Thursday in Jakarta, I was pleasantly surprised to find it available in Plaza Indonesia (I wasnt expecting the CD to be in Asia so soon) and the best part is, the Indonesian or is it the Asian edition has all the 6 songs from the bonus CD on it as well.

Here's my take on it.

I have to say this, the album is not perfect, but which album is? Try and name me one. There is no such thing because, how good an album is really an issue of personal taste - not everybody likes the same things to be completely unjudgemental. However, I do feel that the imperfections made this album more interesting, and memorable if compared to an obvious pop by numbers kind of album that is easy to find these days. I've to note that not everything on this album appeal instantly, but they're a definite grower with every repeat listens. Infact, this album is rather interesting because it took a less obvious route in its attempt to explore its themes. As I mentioned earlier, it's not perfect and there's a few miss-steps, but for what it is on its own merit, and also to compare it with HER own previous efforts, it's still pretty solid and pretty ballsy for a singer under a "pop" label.

With Xtina, it had always been about the voice and what she can do with it - but in this album it was noticeably relaxed and toned down on most parts, which could be shocking to some fans I guess, but this less shouty Christina I feel is there for a reason. BIONIC is an album about a woman experiencing her woman-ness, and I think the album wanted to explore the many sides of that - the ups and downs, the present and the future, the mommy, the entertainer, and etc - a grand attempt but obviously not easy. However, ironically it made the album more accurate because obviously being an all encompassing woman is not easy with all these roles you have to take. Especially if you're Christina Aguilera, the pop star. You have to be BIONIC to survive it intact. With that said, I think the attempt worked brilliantly when it is an issue most can relate. When you cant, it gives you a sneak peak into what being Xtina entails. All through out Bionic, you see Xtina experimenting, to satisfy her desire for change and growth, and also exploring her experiences, but being a pop artist, we can see her pulling back occasionally, to reward her fans with some obviously Xtina tracks, where the voice still takes center stage. This negotiations do make the album a little overlong, but we do understand that she needs to still sell some records so she needs to balance things out. Xtina had always been confident in her sexuality, but the it is definitely stronger here, and while the sexy MILF mommy vibe thing is nothing new, it shouldnt be an issue because isn't this post baby confidence a positive thing to have for every women? Anybody who holds this as an issue, should have their own issues examined. So like a woman, sometimes the album is soft and sexy, sometimes demanding, sometimes strong, sometimes heart broken, sometimes in charge, and sometimes also needing a shoulder to cry on. Sometimes she loves you, sometimes she hates you. It's normal. Everybody should be able to find something to relate to here to enjoy while quietly reflecting or to dance and sing loudly to the mirror with a hairbrush.

I think the width of scope of the songs - made the album incoherent to some, because you cant immediately pinpoint who Christina is in this album, however I think that was the whole point. Take a listen to the gorgeous Sia collaboration "I Am" and you will get the gist of who she is in the album.

If there is one bad comment I could say about this album, is that the flow of the music couldve been better to convey the story of the trials and tribulations of the Bionic woman and I can imagine in places where the bonus tracks are being sold on a separate disk, not having the bonus disk made the album not as strong.

Here's my breakdown of the tracks on the album.

Should be the next Radio singles with Music Videos to support:
I Am (a definite anthem, the new Beautiful),
(unique yet radio ready),
My Girls
(another anthem) -
A video with all sorts of girls having fun, big or small, butch and femmes, trannies, and more! I want the girls from Drag Race to be in My Girls video! Imagine the havoc of Peaches humping Ongina, epic party video!
Stronger Than Ever
(radio ready),
Prima Donna
(same feel as Bionic)
Lift Me Up (radio ready)

Fans Youtube Video Project:
I think its fun if she would ask her fans of all shapes and sizes to do a youtube vid to this silly song about being the shiznits in front of a mirror with a hairbrush, and then do a fan vid to be played at her next concert. Imagine the fun and hilarity that this will create.

Bionic Remixed - a side project!
Some remixes of radio singles and DJ/Fan Bonus.
Not Myself Tonight (obviously) (remix support for single)
Glam, (a certified club hit at the hands of the right remixer)
Desnudate, Hex Hector, Pablo Flores, Freemasons
Elastic Love * a fan bonus remix* Peter Rauhofer/Chew Fu
Bionic (remix support for single) (Paulo needs to work on this one)
Birds Of Prey *fan/dj bonus, and can I suggest Stuart Price for this?)
I Am (remix support for single) Tony Moran? Moto Blanco?
My Girls (remix support for single) Van She, XXchange, Bimbo Jones
Vanity, but of course.

Songs to perform on TV Shows.
You Lost Me
I Am.
Stronger Than Ever
My Girls
Lift Me Up,

Give it a chance, and if you're idea of fun is about being open minded, you will probably grow to love this album.

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