Sunday, May 23, 2010

FND Loves Miss Kelly!

Welcome to the dancefloor where you know you've made some good friends girl!
Finally, no Beyonce comparison, and it's about time.
Work it mama. Go get your money on.

So today it's all about Ms. Kelly Rowland.

She may not have the strongest voice, but her unique phrasing and easily identifiable voice is perfect for the making of a dance diva.

Commander at WMC.

The soon to be massive Commander remix by Guetta

One of the biggest dance tune of 2009! When Love Takes Over.

Daylight from the repackaged Ms.Kelly Deluxe

The hugely successful crossover remix with the Freemasons for WORK

A collaboration with French pop artist Nadiya - No Future In The Past

Small dance success with Like This

Her first break out single after DC, and this made to #1 in the UK - Cant Nobody

Good luck Kelly! Cant wait to hear your new dance album!

1 comment:

ryder said...

she and david make a great music pair